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PowerVR Developer Documentation

Our extensive documentation takes you from the very basics of graphics development right up to helping you get the best possible performance out of your application.

Introduction to PowerVR for Developers
An overview of the history and architecture of PowerVR. Includes a high-level overview of Tile-Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR).
Getting Started with OpenGL® ES
Step-by-step guide to creating a simple graphical application using OpenGL ES.
Getting Started with Vulkan®
Step-by-step introduction to the Vulkan API with code examples to creating a simple graphical application.
Vulkan API Overview
A brief guide into the Vulkan API and its applications on PowerVR hardware.
PowerVR Performance Recommendations
Extensive recommendations to help developers improve graphics performance, including Vulkan® development.
PowerVR Low Level GLSL Optimisation
Low-level ways of further optimising GLSL code for PowerVR Rogue architecture.
PowerVR Compute Development Recommendations
A brief guide outlining how to optimise applications for compute tasks on PowerVR Rogue hardware.
GRadient Line Anti-Aliasing (GRLAA) Technique
A powerful technique created by our SDK team for rendering maps more efficiently.
PowerVR Navigation Rendering Recommendations
A whitepaper which explains how to render navigation maps efficiently when using PowerVR architecture.
Physically-Based Rendering with Image-Based Lighting for PowerVR
A guide to the ImageBasedLighting demo found in the PowerVR SDK.
PVRCarbon Quick Start Guide
A guide to the API tracing and debugging tool, PVRCarbon
PVRCarbon User Manual
A guide to the features and capabilities of the tracing and analysis tool, PVRCarbon
PVRGeoPOD User Manual
A guide to the features and usage of the POD file exporter, PVRGeoPOD
PVRScope User Manual
A guide to the features and capabilities of the PowerVR utility library, PVRScope
PVRShaderEditor User Manual
A guide to the shader profiling and editing tool, PVRShaderEditor
PVRShaman User Manual
A guide to the features of the visual shader composer, PVRShaman.
PVRTexTool User Manual
A comprehensive guide to our texture compression and processing tool, PVRTexTool.
PVRTune User Manual
A guide to the features and capabilities of our powerful profiling and analysis tool, PVRTune
PVRVFrame User Manual
A guide to the features and capabilities of PVRVFrame
PVRRayTracingSimulation Manual
PowerVR SDK Documentation GitHub Repository
The SDK documentation repository contains the SDK Framework manuals and the SDK Browser.
PowerVR Framework Development Guide
The PowerVR Framework provides helpers and reduces boilerplate code, particularly with Vulkan, and is optimised for PowerVR.
PowerVR Framework Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks for using the PowerVR Framework, particularly with Vulkan.
PowerVR Instruction Set Reference
A reference for the assembly code which drives the USC component of the PowerVR architecture.
PowerVR Supported Extensions for OpenGL® ES and EGL
A reference of all of the OpenGL® ES and EGL extensions supported by the PowerVR reference driver implementation.
PVR File Format Specification
A reference of the individual elements of the compressed texture format, PVR
PFX Version 3 File Format Specification
A reference guide to the PowerVR Effects file format (PFX) version 3
POD File Format Specification
A reference for the POD deployment format
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