Format: MOVC dest1, dest2, sourceAW, sourceMovW0, sourceMovW1.

Phase0: -

Phase1: -

Phase2: MOVC W0{.E0}{.E1}{.E2}{.E3}, W1, FTT, (FT0|FT1|FT2|FTE), (FT0|FT1|FT2|FTE)

Description: Conditional data movement.

A test is mandatory in the instruction group for MOVC.

If the test result is true, then the W0 assignments are modified as for MOV, and W1 is assigned the source selected from MovW1 (the second FT0 | FT1 | FT2 | FTE).

If the test result is false, W0 and W1 are assigned as per IS4 and IS5.

If MaskW0 is not specified, the default value (all elements set/bits are "1111") is assumed.