Format: PCK.format dest, source.

Phase0: -

Phase1: -

Phase2: PCK.format{.SCALE}{.ROUNDZERO} FT2, IS3

Description: Pack by data format

Packed formats are defined as comprising a number of scalars, R0 to Rn. A PCK in an instruction group with a REPEAT instruction group modifier of n converts values from n sequential register locations into a single result.

FT2 = pack(IS3)

Data formats supported: U8888, S8888, S8888OGL, O8888, U1616, S1616, S1616OGL, O1616, F16F16, U32, S32, F32, F32MASK, U1010102, S1010102, 2F102F10F10, U111110, S111110, F111110, SE9995, U565U565, COVERAGEMASK (PCK only), S8D24, D24S8, CONST0 (PCK only), CONST1 (PCK only)


void main()
	fragColor = ec4(float(int(a)));
0    : pck.s32.rndzero ft2, sh0
       mov i0, ft2;

1    : unpck.s32 ft0, i0.e0
       mov r0.e0.e1.e2.e3, ft0
       mov r1, ft0;