What is PVRCore?

PVRCore provides code which helps with performing common tasks, and links the other modules together

About PVRCore

PVRCore contains low-level supporting C++ code. This includes:

  • data structures
  • code helper functions
  • math such as frustum culling and cameras
  • string helpers such as Unicode and formatting.

PVRCore has several fully-realised classes, such as Stream and Texture, that can be used on their own, if required. Look into the pvr, pvr::strings, and pvr::maths namespaces for other useful functionality.

How to use PVRCore

PVRCore is transitively linked by CMake into applications that use PVRShell, PVRAssets, or PVRUtils. It is required by all modules except PVRVk and requires none of the other PVR modules.

PVRCore requires and includes the external library GLM for vectors and matrices, moodyCamel::ConcurrentQueue for multithreading, and pugixml for reading XML data.

Include PVRCore/PVRCore.h to include all common functionality of PVRCore.