Convert a Stand-Alone File to POD Using PVRGeoPOD

The stand-alone version of PVRGeoPOD can convert a broad range of files to the POD format including COLLADA, Wavefront OBJ, and Autodesk formats

The stand-alone version of PVRGeoPOD supports all the interchange formats listed in the table below.

Type Extension Description
COLLADA .DAE Khronos XML 3D asset exchange schema.
Autodesk FBX .FBX Autodesk 3D asset exchange format (Binary/ASCII)
AutoCAD DXF .DFX Autodesk CAD data file format.
Autodesk 3DS .3DS Autodesk 3D Studio DOS native format.
Wavefront OBJ .OBJ Wavefront’s Advanced Visualizer object data.
Note: To verify that a given COLLADA file adheres to the COLLADA schema, use the xmllint command-line application. More details about this application can be found here.

In order to convert these files to a POD file, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the desired file in PVRGeoPOD GUI by browsing to it using the File -> Open... option.
  2. Set the required export options. A complete list of the available options is provided in Using the PVRGeoPOD GUI.
  3. Select Export... at the bottom right of the GUI to convert and save the file. A dialog box will then open to allow a location to be specified for the converted file.
  4. Specify the location where the POD file should be saved. After the file is saved, the export status of the file will be summarised on PVRGeoPOD interface.

A list of the supported input formats is shown below.