Installing the Blender PVRGeoPOD Plugin

The PVRGeoPOD plugin can be installed for Blender by copying into Blender's addons folder

  1. Open the Blender Python console by pressing SHIFT+F4.
  2. Run bpy.utils.script_paths("addons") in Blender Python console to find the addons folder location.
  3. The plugin is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS:
    For Windows
    1. Copy PVRGeoPOD.dll and to <BLENDER_ADDONS>
    2. Copy Qt5Core.dll, Qt5Gui.dll, Qt5Widgets.dll, and \platforms to <BLENDER_DIR> (where blender.exe is)
    For Linux
    1. Copy,, and PVRGeoPOD folder to <BLENDER_ADDONS>
    For macOS
    1. Copy libPVRGeoPOD.dylib,, and PVRGeoPOD folder to <BLENDER_ADDONS>
  4. Once the files have been copied, the plugin must be activated in File->User Preferences, under the tab Add-ons. Locate the plugin called Import-Export: PVRGeoPOD and tick the box to activate it.