Material Options in PVRGeoPOD

Materials options are used to specify whether materials are to be exported alongside the meshes

Material option settings can be set using the Materials tab in PVRGeoPOD interface.

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The table below lists the available material options.

Option Description
Export materials This option should be ticked if materials need to be exported.
Merge .PFX/.PVR In cases where a POD file has been edited and PVR or PFX files have been added, it is possible to re-export the geometry from the original file back into the edited POD file. To do this tick Merge .PFX/.PVR, select the ellipsis (…) option to browse to and open the POD file to be updated. Once all export options are set and the export has been completed the POD file will contain the new geometry.
Source .pod file Use this option to browse and open the desired file.
Invert transparency This option inverts the transparency value of the materials being exported, e.g., if the transparency is in the range of 0 < n < 1 all values will become 1-n, post export).

In some cases when performing skinning or animation the default way of representing transformations in the POD format is not sufficient for skinning. This can cause rendering issues. If this occurs with a scene, ticking Export transformations as matrices can rectify the situation.