User Options in PVRGeoPOD

User options are used to specify behaviour after PVRGeoPOD has completed processing

The User Options tab in the interface is used to specify any behaviour after PVRGeoPOD has finished exporting.

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The table below lists the user options available.

Option Description
Open in PVRShaman This option toggles whether the exported POD should be opened in PVRShaman. The PVRShaman path setting is used to specify a path to the PVRShaman application.
PVRShaman path Use this option to browse to the path of PVRShaman.
Post-export command-line This options toggles whether any other separate programs need to be run after a successful export.
Command This option can be used to specify the path to the executable or the command line call which will be run after export.
Command arguments This option can be used to specify the arguments that are to be passed to the program, specified in Command. If the phrase %POD is found in the argument list it will be replaced with the absolute file path of the exported POD file.
Working directory This option can be used to specify the directory in which the program specified by Command is to be run.
Export user data

[Plugins only] This option allows the addition of user data to POD files by using MAXScript or MEL. The user defined script should implement the functions:

  • DefineNodeUserData

  • DefineMaterialUserData

  • DefineSceneUserData

These functions will be called by the exporter and their return values will be stored in the POD file.