Supported Compressed Texture Formats in PVRTexTool

PVRTexTool supports the compressed texture formats PVRTC. ETC, and ASTC

PVRTexTool offers a variety of texture compression formats depending on requirements.

These are:

  • PVRTC - PowerVR Texture Compression is PowerVR’s proprietary texture compression format. It uses a sophisticated amplitude modulation scheme to encode textures. Texture data is encoded as two low resolution images along with a full resolution, low-bit-precision modulation signal.
  • ETC - Ericsson Texture Compression is a lossy texture compression scheme developed by Ericsson Research. ETC1 lacks alpha component support, which was rectified with the release of the ETC2 scheme.
  • ASTC - Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression is a lossy block-based texture compression format developed by ARM. It has been an official extension of OpenGL and OpenGL ES since 2012. The block sizes that are available range from 4x4 to 12x12 pixels for 2D textures, and 3x3x3 to 6x6x6 pixels for 3D textures, with each block being 128 bits. Therefore, the larger the block size, the smaller the size and the lower the quality of the texture.

PVR, the container format used by PVRTexTool, has useful features, including:

  • full public specification
  • support for custom metadata
  • complete, optimised, resourced loading code in the cross-platform tools library supplied in the PowerVR Graphics SDK.