The PVRTexTool GUI is an easy-to-use user interface, providing access to the application's tools

The PVRTexTool GUI provides easy and intuitive access to all of the capabilities of PVRTexTool. It makes processing and compressing textures very simple and pain-free.

User Interface Layout

The general layout of the GUI is illustrated below. It is a multi-document interface that allows working with various files simultaneously.

Texture Pre-ProcessingLoading a File to a SurfaceFile Menu

The interface is split into the following sections:

  • Menu bar (A) - provides standard menu-based access to functionality.
  • Quick access bar (B) - provides links for common actions while working with textures.
  • View windows area (C) - displays view windows for files that have been opened in the GUI.
  • Toolbox window (D) - provides useful options and settings during pre-processing.
  • Texture detail area (E) - multiple switchable windows providing texture information.
  • Status bar (F) - shows basic status information and allows zoom.

This section will go through the different tools and functionality available within each section, explaining how to create, load, pre-process, compare, and re-encode textures.