PVRTexTool Library

The PVRTexTool library can be for loading, processing, and transcoding PVR textures

The PVRTexTool library is used for the management of PVR textures. It occupies the pvrtexture namespace.

It can be used for:

  • Loading and saving PVR files
  • Transcoding to and from many different texture formats
  • Performing a variety of pre-processing techniques on decompressed pixel data
  • Providing information about a texture file loaded by the library

Accessing the PVRTexTool Library

To access the functionality of the library within an application, the library must be linked against and the header files included in the application at build time. If the resulting program is linked against the shared libraries, then these libraries must be present on the target system.

The following dynamic library files are provided as part of the PVRTexTool library:

  • PVRTexLib.dll (Windows dynamic link library)
  • libPVRTexLib.so (Linux shared object library)
  • libPVRTexLib.dylib (macOS dynamic library)
Note: When developing for Windows using the library, the pre-processor #define _WINDLL_IMPORT must be set.

The set of header files which define the functionality of the library are shown below:

  • PVRTexLibVersion.h
  • PVRTexture.h
  • PVRTextureHeader.h
  • PVRTextureUtilities.h
  • PVRTextureDefines.h
  • PVRTextureFormat.h

Additionally, the following helper header files are provided:

  • PVRTGlobal.h
  • PVRTError.h
  • PVRTArray.h
  • PVRTMap.h
  • PVRTString.h
  • PVRTTexture.h

PVRTextureUtilities.h is the primary header file, and including it in a project includes all other header files required for the library to function.