Overview of Useful Namespaces

Table of useful PowerVR Framework namespaces and their descriptions

Namespace Description
::pvr Main namespace. Primitive types and foundation objects, such as the Stream and Texture classes and some interfaces are found here.
::pvrvk The classes and global functions of the PVRVk library. This is where to find any API objects that need to be created such as buffers, (GPU) textures, CommandBuffers, GraphicsPipelines, or RenderPasses. Also functions with no corresponding object, like pvrvk::createInstance.
::pvr::utils This extremely important namespace is the location for automations for common complex tasks. For example, automating the creation of a swapchain, uploading a texture, or creating a skybox.
::pvr::assets All classes of the PVRAssets library are found here: Model, Mesh, Camera, Light, and Animation.
::gl OpenGL ES bindings. Only OpenGL ES function pointers are found here.
::vk Vulkan bindings. Only Vulkan function pointers are found here. Use pvrvk:: instead.



Namespaces for code organisation. Not required.