Render pass/Pixel Local Storage (PLS) Strategies

The PowerVR SDK is designed to work with any conformant OpenGL ES or Vulkan implementation. Most optimisation guidance provided is sensible for any platform, but some guidance may be critical for PowerVR Platforms. The recommended optimisations will not normally be detrimental to the performance of other platforms, but they may not actually improve them.

This section details strategies for optimisations relating to efficiently using multi-subpass render passes (Vulkan) or multi-pass rendering (OpenGL ES). All of these optimisations are suitable for any platform that supports them, but their effect on PowerVR architectures makes them crucial to use whenever possible.

These optimisations are expected to benefit any platform, or at worst be neutral and have no effect. However, tile-based architectures (which applies to some mobile), and unified memory architectures (practically all mobile) are expected to hugely benefit.