Introduction to PFX Version 2

What is PFX and what is it used for?

The purpose of this document is to act as a specification for the PowerVR Effects (PFX) format (PFX specification version 2.0.2).

What is PFX?

The PFX format is a small, simple, easy to use effects format consisting of several blocks that describe how a given graphics effect is put together (see Section Blocks).

As a minimum, a correctly formatted PFX consists of:

  • One EFFECT block.
  • One VERTEXSHADER block.

It is also possible for PFXs to contain the following:

  • One TARGET block.
  • Zero or more TEXTURE blocks.

By default, PFXs are stored in PFX files. It is possible for multiple PFXs to exist within a single PFX file, each described by a separate effect block. In this instance multiple PFXs may share blocks.

Finally, it is possible for a PFX to reference a TARGET block as an input as if it were a TEXTURE block, enabling the simple creation of complex post-processing effects. For this to function correctly the TARGET block render should be completed prior to being read as an input. If the TARGET block render has not been completed prior to being read as an input, the behaviour will vary based on the render target implementation of the platform.