Valid APIs

OpenGL ES 3.1+


This extension adds support for three new YUV related items: first rendering to YUV images, second sampling from YUV images while keeping the data in YUV space, third it defines a new built in function that does conversion from RGB to YUV with controls to choose ITU-R BT.601-7, ITU-R BT.601-7 Full range (JFIF images), or ITU-R BT.709-5 standard.

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uniform __samplerExternal2DY2YEXT   u_sTexture; 
layout (yuv) out vec4 color; 
void main() 
	vec4 yuvTex = texture(u_sTexture, texcoord); 
	//decode yuv texture according to standard 
	vec3 rgbTex = yuv_2_rgb(, itu_601); //yuv standards (could be itu_601_full_range, itu_709 as well) 
	//do some colour operations in RGB 
	//convert back to yuv = rgb_2_yuv (rgbTex, itu_601); 
	//write out in yuv format 
	color = yuvTex;