Supported Hardware

Series6, Series6XE, Series6XT

Valid APIs

OpenGL ES 3.x


This extension is one of three extensions which enhances OpenGL ES's programmability with respect to how multisampling is performed:

  • GL_OES_sample_variables
  • GL_OES_sample_shading
  • GL_OES_shader_multisample_interpolation

GL_OES_sample_shading adds the ability to force an implementation to process a minimum number of unique samples per-pixel, as a percentage of the total number of samples.


// Enable minimum sample shading 
// Set the minimum number of samples to half the total number of samples per-pixel in the framebuffer 
// E.g. if the framebuffer has 4xMSAA enabled, then a value of 0.5 will mean at least 2 (0.5 x 4 = 2) samples must be processed.