There are two chief consistencies when working the the Vulkan API on various platforms.

Coding to the API

The main point of the Vulkan API is that the developers can link to the same library with the same header code on all targeted platforms. There is no need, for example, to deal with pre-processor defines embedded within the code to handle the differences between OpenGL and OpenGL ES.


In addition to a consistent coding experience, Vulkan offers consistent performance by trimming excess ways of reaching the same result. Compare to OpenGL, where there are numerous ways to acehive a variety of effects - of which only few are actually efficient on each vendor platform. This is due to OpenGL drivers being quite opaque, which results in performance characteristics varying between driver implementations. In Vulkan, the explicit control of buffers, synchronisation, and commands increases the likelihood that a given solution to a problem will run efficiently on all of a vendor's drivers. It is also possible to obtain efficient performance from applications without resorting to hardware-specific optimisations.