Managing the Framebuffer Attachments

Attachments are the resources which are read from and rendered to by the pipeline

In simple terms, framebuffer attachments are the resources used during rendering. These can include render targets and input attachments. Render targets are output image buffers that will be written into during rendering such as colour, depth and stencil buffers. Input attachments are image buffers that are read from during rendering. They are usually the output images of a previous rendering pass which have been stored.

The application needs a method of managing these attachments as well as describing how they will be used during rendering.

In Vulkan this is done using two types of objects:
  1. Render passes
  2. Framebuffers

This section will cover what these objects are and how their function and role in an application differ. As with the other sections it will also include example code which will demonstrate how to create these objects.