Creates a rendering and a present queue for executing commands

The queues that will be used for executing commands on needs to be retrieved.

Two queues are needed: one for rendering and the other to present the rendering on the surface.

Some devices support both operations on the same queue family.

Get the queue from the logical device created earlier and save it for later.

 	vkGetDeviceQueue(appManager.device, appManager.graphicsQueueFamilyIndex, 0, &appManager.graphicQueue);

If the queue family indices are the same, then the same queue is used to do both operations.

If not, another queue is retrieved for presenting.

 	if (appManager.graphicsQueueFamilyIndex == appManager.presentQueueFamilyIndex)
 		appManager.presentQueue = appManager.graphicQueue;
 		vkGetDeviceQueue(appManager.device, appManager.presentQueueFamilyIndex, 0, &appManager.presentQueue);