Getting Ready to Render

Setting up the objects which will be used to render the triangle.

In this final stage of initialisation all of the objects which allow the application to render a basic triangle into the swapchain images are created.

The following section will explain what each of these objects are and how they are used during rendering.

The steps required in this stage are shown below.

  1. Create a command pool and allocate a command buffer for each swapchain image from it
  2. Create two shader modules to contain the code for the vertex shader and the fragment shader
  3. Create a vertex buffer
  4. Create a uniform buffer
  5. Create a texture image
  6. Create a static descriptor set and a dynamic descriptor set
  7. Create a render pass
  8. Create a framebuffer for each swapchain image
  9. Initialise a graphics pipeline
  10. Create the viewport and scissor
  11. Create the semaphores and fences