An overview of the function and features of the user interface of PVRCarbon

The PVRCarbon GUI is the graphical user interface of PVRCarbon. It opens .pvrcbn files created with the PVRCarbon Recorder or its associated libraries and displays them in a user-friendly format.

A wealth of information is displayed in the user interface, including the individual API calls, captured framebuffers, and static analysis. If multiple frames have been recording then it is possible to step through the recording frame-by-frame. The information displayed in the GUI updates based on the current frame.

This version of PVRCarbon supports Vulkan, OpenGL ES (2.0+), and EGL APIs.

The GUI is composed of five main elements:
  • The Function List
  • Render and Recorded Framebuffer windows
  • The Static Analysis window
  • The Log
  • The Analysis GUI

Combining all of these features allows deep analysis of an application.