File Export and Conversion

After installing the plugins, exporting from 3ds Max, Maya, or Blender using PVRGeoPOD is very simple

This section is a guide to exporting scene data from 3ds Max, Maya, and Blender using PVRGeoPOD, as well as exporting using the PVRGeoPOD standalone GUI.

PVRGeoPOD can be used to export scene data two formats:

Available file formats

  1. POD File

    PVRGeoPOD can export data to binary POD files. These files can then be used by any graphics API. The PowerVR Framework PVRAssets library contains functions and classes to use such files in applications. See Using Exported POD Files for examples of their use.

  2. Header/Source File

    PVRGeoPOD can also export the binary POD file directly to a C++ header file (h) or a C++ source file (cpp). This header file is just a representation of the binary format and it is not intended to be readable or modifiable. The PowerVR Graphics SDK contains ways to use POD file data from a header or source file. Further details can be found in Using Exported POD Files.