Using the PVRShaman GUI

The PVRShaman GUI allows Visualisation of scene data, intuitive editing of shaders, and modification of the individual elements of a scene

The PVRShaman interface is composed of several panels which hold information about the current scene, the materials within the scene, and any debug output from those materials. The default layout of the GUI is shown below.

Click on any area of the GUI to find out more.

Scene ExplorerPOD ExplorerTask ListEditor Tab and Compiler OutputVisualisation PanelEditor Tab and Compiler OutputFile

At the left hand side of the GUI are the windows for the Scene Explorer and the POD Explorer.

The majority of the GUI is taken up by the Visualisation Panel, which displays POD files. This tab can also be switched to display the Editor with compiler output information displayed in the Compiler Output window.

The Task List window at the bottom left details the state of the loaded files and any error that they may contain.