The Properties Window in PVRTune Complete

The Properties window displays the properties of items that have been selected. This could be the properties of a counter selected from the Counter Table or graph, or the properties of a timing task selected from the graph.

By default, this window is placed on the bottom left of the GUI. Counter properties will usually consist of:

  • a brief description - what it is and what the value means;

  • the inputs used to create the counter - the hardware and software counters;

  • the equation - how the inputs are combined to produce the displayed value.

Depending on which timing task has been selected, the timing task properties will likely consist of:

  • Process Identifier (PID);

  • Frame number;

  • Task name - i.e. renderer, tiler, etc.;

  • duration in milliseconds;

  • render target data - i.e. dimensions, format, etc.;

  • shader information - i.e. vertex and fragment shader source, etc.;

  • synchronisation objects.