Shader Source Window in PVRTune Complete

The compiler Source View window displays the GLSL shader source code associated with a particular task. It includes syntax highlighting and the cycle count on the side bar.

Note: Some DDK versions do not support emission of GLSL. With these versions, the shader source is unavailable.

This window can be accessed from the properties window of a task. Starting from the timing graph, select a timing task to display its properties window then select 'GLSL source' to display the viewer window.

Note: If the GLSL shader source does not appear it is likely that glCompileShader calls have not been captured by PVRTune. These calls normally occur during initialisation, so starting the capture process earlier usually resolves this issue.

If profiling compilers are available, the shader info section can also display various GLSL compiler performance statistics, as shown below. These statistics include:

  • The percentage of USC utilisation;

  • The number of cycles;

  • Wait stall.

To setup offline profiling compilers, select Edit from the menu bar, then Preferences, followed by Select compiler directory. The location of the compiler library can then be chosen.