Tile Lifetime Heatmap

In addition to capturing framebuffers, IMG A-Series allows the capture of tile lifetime information directly from the GPU. PVRTune can process this data to produce a tile heatmap of a frame.

Note: This feature is only available for IMG A-Series GPUs or newer.

The redder the tile, the greater the number of cycles were required to render it. These usually indicate the areas of the frames which are the most graphically expensive. This makes it much easier to identify exactly which objects in the application may require optimisation.

Tile lifetime heatmaps can be captured while recording an application in the same way framebuffers can be captured. This can be achieved using the Resource Viewer window.

While recording an application select Tile Lifetime Heatmap from the dropdown and select Capture. When a heatmap has been captured it will appear in the preview section along with some of its characteristics, including:

  • the frame number;

  • the width and height in pixels;

  • the number of tiles in the x and y axis of the frame;

  • the dimensions of each tile.

Double-clicking a heatmap from the Resource Viewer will load it in a separate window for more in-depth analysis.

Hovering over each tile individually will display the exact cycle cost required to render that tile. Additionally, the proportion of the number of cycles required to render the entire frame is displayed as a percentage in brackets. Heatmaps can be saved as images using the save icon in the bottom right of the window.