PVRPerfServer Details Window in PVRTune Complete

Opening the PVRPerfServer Details window provides various metadata regarding the target machine. This includes:

  • Operating System type and version;

  • Driver version;

  • Device name;

  • BVNC identifier for PowerVR hardware.

Various data streasm can also be enabled or disabled:

  • GPU timing - the standard timing data streams from hardware counters and timing data related to hardware blocks such as the Tiler and Renderer;

  • GPU firmware timing - tasks processed by the firmware, as in the software running on the META / MIPS firmware processor;

  • GPU/host sync object - syncrhonisation objects and hardware queues;

  • Host* - events emitted by the kernel mode driver (services);

  • Client* - events emitted by the user mode driver (OpenGL ES, EGL, and services.

With more options enabled, PVRTune will receive updates more frequently, as well as displaying timing data for the firmware. This can produce large amounts of data and it is possible that some data will be lost due to limiting factors. These include network traffic, slow Wi-Fi, or the client machine not being able to process the data fast enough.

PVRPerfServer Complete also has additional command-line options available.