Guided Analysis in PVRTune

PVRTune also has some low-level guided analysis built in that allows you to quickly evaluate a recording of a session, highlighting potential bottlenecks that have been observed in the session, and provides a detailed breakdown of those bottlenecks.

Guided analysis cannot be performed on live data streams. Ensure that the connect has been closed, or a pre-recorded file is loaded into the GUI before beginning analysis.

The analysis view can be accessed by selecting File → Start guided analysis from the Menu bar while data is loaded in the GUI. From here, data will be presented through a new tab on the main screen. This will provide you with some basic statistics of the recorded performance.

The graph at the bottom provides the most data. By mousing over the regions, a tooltip showing the frame range appears, whereas hovering over the curve gives the exact FPS value at that frame. Clicking on a region of the graph will provide a more detailed breakdown of that process (vertex, fragment, or compute). Use CTRL + left click on a region to go to the main graph view, highlighted onto the selected region.