Managing Connections to PVRPerfServer in PVRTune

Establishing a connection to a device running PVRPerfServer is a critical step before it is possible to visualise hardware performance data in PVRTune GUI. The connection management capability of PVRTune provides a range of options to help connect.

Upon launching PVRTune, the connection form is displayed as shown below. Notice that the various windows and options used for analysis purposes are disabled at this point, until a valid connection is made or a PVRTUNE file is loaded.

  • (a) - Enter the IP address/host of the device running PVRPerfServer.

  • (b) - See Overriding PVRPerfServer CMD settings below.

  • (c) - Broadcasting servers running PVRPerfServer.

  • (d) - Shortcuts to regularly used devices.

Note: The connection form can be customised as a pop-up window and can also be assigned an individual tab in the Timeline area. See Preferences.

Overriding PVRPerfServer CMD settings

The desired PVRPerfServer settings may be set up before attempting a connection to a target. Selecting the checkbox "Override PVRPerfServer CMD Settings" ((b) in the image above) enables this functionality. The options chosen here will be sent to PVRPerfServer when PVRTune first connects, and the options set will inform PVRPerfServer on how to configure the data stream. The options that are set here can also be altered later once a connection has been established.

Note: Enabling this setting will override any command-line options that have been set when launching an instance of PVRPerfServer on the target device.