Counter Table Window in PVRTune

The Counter Table displays a list of all the currently available counters that can be displayed in the timing graph.

By default, the Counter Table window is placed in the top left of the GUI. The data which generates these counters can come from various sources such as the hardware, the firmware, the host operating system, or the driver.

Counters give detailed information about the current state of the device and application dynamics during any given moment (sample) of the profiling session, such as:

  • GPU Loads;

  • CPU Loads;

  • Memory Loads;

  • Frame Time;

  • Number of Polygons input/output to hardware;

  • Average number of cycles for shader programs;

  • Register pressure.

A counter can be shown or hidden on the timing graph by:

  • Selecting the coloured checkbox to the left of the table;

  • Right-clicking on a counter and selecting Show Selected (Ctrl + E);

  • Right-clicking on a counter and selecting Remove Counter;

  • Dragging a counter item into the graph window;

  • Hovering over a counter in the timing graph and pressing Del.