Monitor Window in PVRTune

PVRTune GUI comes with a monitoring functionality which provides a simplified high-level overview of the hardware load on the target device. This makes it possible to quickly and efficiently narrow down potential bottlenecks that may be inhibiting the application's performance, before moving to the timing graph view for a more detailed in-depth analysis.

This view can be used to quickly check the following:

  • CPU load (per core);

  • System memory usage;

  • Tiler active (per pid);

  • Renderer active (per pid);

  • Compute active (per pid);

  • Shader load (per program type).

The dropdown box for the time period ((a) in the image above) sets how long the loads should be averaged for.

The Monitor window has two different view moves:

  • Bar mode

  • Graph mode

The view mode can be changed by right-clicking anywhere on the monitor window and selecting View.

The Stats Report button ((b) in the top image) shows summary statistics fro the frame or selected time period.