Logcat Window

The Logcat window streams the Logcat output from an Android device during live recording.

To enable the Logcat data stream, select the Enable checkbox in the top right corner of the window. Logcat information will begin to update in the box below. This output can be filtered by PID (process id) which can be selected using the dropdown at the top of the window.

The dropdown menu shows a list of the applications running on the device. Selecting one of these applications filters the Logcat output to only show messages relating to the PID of the app. The default value is All.

Additionally, the filter textbox allows custom filtering of messages based on tag and priority. In a Logcat message the tag is a short string that indicates from which system component the message originates. The priority is denoted by a single character value:

  • V - Verbose (lowest priority)

  • D- Debug

  • I - Info

  • W - Warning

  • E - error

  • F - Fatal

  • S - SIlent (highest priority, on which nothing is ever printed)

AN example of a tag and a priority in a Logcat message is shown:

02-27 16:52:26.979  5982  6007 I com.powervr.Example: 	Maximum Image Array Layers: 1

In this case, the priority is Info, and the tag is com.powervr.Example.