Document Overview

What are OpenGL ES and EGL extensions?

OpenGL ES extensions provide new or expanded functionality that is not supported by the core of OpenGL ES, by default. Using extensions should not be looked on as something to be avoided, instead it should be a standard, accepted practice for the OpenGL ES user.

Document Overview

The purpose of this document is to serve as a reference for all of the extensions supported by the PowerVR reference driver implementation. Each page in the next two section contains information about a particular extension.

Whilst the information about each extension will vary, each extension page will generally include:

  • Valid APIs - The API versions of OpenGL ES or EGL which are compatible with the extension

  • Description - A short description of the functionality of the extension

  • Registry Link - A link to the Khronos registry entry about this extension

  • Example - An example of how the extension can be used in an application

Note: While the PowerVR reference driver implementation supports all of the extensions mentioned in this document, it is the decision of our licensees as to which are exposed in their own implementations.