Format: AND dest, source1, source2, source3, source4.

Phase0: -

Phase1: AND FT4, (FT1|_), FT2, (FT1.INVERT|_), S3

Phase2: -

Description: Bitwise AND

FT1 is bit mask

FT4 = {FT1 &} FT2 AND {~FT1 &} S3


uniform highp int a;
uniform highp int b;

void main()
       fragColor = vec4(a & b);
0    : mov ft0, ft1, c0, c0
       mov ft2, sh1
       cbs ft3, sh1
       and ft4, _, ft2, _, sh0
       lsl ft5, ft4, c0
       mov i0, ft5;