Introduction to PVRCarbon

PVRCarbon is a suite of tools which allow developers to record and analyse how an application uses a graphics API such as Vulkan, OpenGL ES, and EGL.

Currently, the following APIs are supported:

  • Vulkan (all versions);

  • OpenGL ES (2.0 and above);

  • EGL (all versions);

  • OpenCL (all versions).

PVRCarbon offers a host of unique and powerful features which make it the tool of choice for developers who are looking to get the deepest possible insights into their application.

Some of these features include:

  • Portability - PVRCarbon recordings are small, lightweight, and can be played back on a wide range of platforms and operating systems, allowing simple collaboration without the need to transfer big source files;

  • C++ export - PVRCarbon recordings can be exported as C++ source code, meaning applications can be debugged and modified without the original source code;

  • Simple remote recording - record applications running on devices over a local network with just a few clicks;

  • Low overhead recording - minimising the impact on the application during runtime.