PVRScopeComms allows an application to send user-defined information to PVRTune via PVRPerfServer, both as counters, timing data, and marks, or as editable data that can be passed back to the application.

PVRTune is a profiling and analysis tool for graphical applications on PowerVR devices. Using PVRScope with PVRTune greatly enhances the insight that can be gained about the performance of an application.

This section contains a few examples of using PVRScopeComms, including:

  • Sending a custom mark;

  • Sending custom counter data;

  • Sending and receiving remotely-editable data;

  • Sending custom timing data.

Initialising PVRScopeComms

To initialise PVRScopeComms:

  1. Include the PVRScope header file.

    #include "PVRScopeComms.h"
  2. create a name for the timeline as it should appear in PVRTune.

    std:: string threadName = "Main Thread";
  3. Initialise the communication with PVRTune.

    SSPSCommsData* PVRScopeComms;
    PVRScopeComms = pplInitialise(threadName.c_str(), (unsignedint)threadName.length());    
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each additional timeline that should appear in PVRTune.

Shutting down PVRScopeComms

To shutdown PVRScopeComms, call the shutdown function as follows: