Introduction to the PVRShaderEditor User Manual

Document Overview

The purpose of this document is to serve as a complete user manual for PVRShaderEditor. It includes explanations of the different features of the GUI and useful tips on how to make the most out of the application.

What is PVRShaderEditor?

This application is made up of two major components:

  • PVRShaderEditor GUI - This is an editor and graphical front-end for the GLSL shader profiling compilers. It currently offers syntax highlighting for GLSL ES shaders, HLSL shaders, and PowerVR Effects (PFX) files. The editor is a standalone version of the shader editing functionality that can be found in PVRShaman.

  • GLSL Profiling Compilers - These are a series of shader compilers that provide profiling information for GLSL ES shaders on PowerVR hardware. They provide PVRShaderEditor with profiling output and per-line cycle counts to assist in shader development and optimisation.