2D Active

What does this counter show?

If the GPU in the target device contains a PowerVR 2D graphics core, this counter will show the load of this unit. If a PowerVR 2D core is not present in the target device the counter will be greyed out.

The purpose of the 2D core is to perform efficient blitting operations. For example, OS composition may utilize the 2D core so that the rest of the GPU pipeline can be dedicated to application rendering.

It is worth noting that this counter is effectively a Boolean value that shows this processing stage as either active or idle. The counter is best used to graph activity over a long period of time. In small periods, the counter value will match the activity of 2D task timing data.

What does a high value mean?

A high value indicates that the 2D core has been active for a significant percentage of time. If you believe this is a bottleneck, reducing the number of operations utilising the 2D core (OS surface composition, texture uploads etc.) may improve performance.