CPU Load

What does this counter show?

This counter shows the combined load of all CPU cores.

What does a high value mean?

If the CPU load is very high and there are large gaps between the Tiler and Renderer timing blocks, then the system is most likely CPU limited. If this is the case, the load of the Tiler, Texturing and Shader Processor units will also be low (e.g. 50%).

In a system where there are multiple CPU cores, a value of 100% would indicate that all CPU cores are 100% busy. On a platform with a dual-core CPU, a value of 50% could indicate that one CPU core is 100% busy and the other is idle (0% busy) or it could be caused by the cores being at any other combination of loads that result in a 50% average. If, for example, a single-threaded application is running on a dual-core CPU and the load is 50%, the application might be maxing out one of the cores.

If the value of this counter is very high, you should do the following:

  • Run a CPU profiler: Investigate the issue further with a dedicated CPU profiler.

  • Enable API profiling: PVRTune can capture timing data for API calls. For more information, please refer to the PVRTune documentation.