Renderer Active

What does this counter show?

This counter shows the percentage of time that Renderer tasks were active. Renderer time refers to any time that is spent processing pixels and shading them. This includes the ISP (Image Synthesis Processor), Texturing and Shader Processor units.

It is worth noting that this counter is effectively a Boolean value that shows this processing stage as either active or idle. The counter is best used to graph activity over a long period of time. In small periods, the counter value will match the activity of Renderer task timing data.

What does a high value mean?

A high value indicates that Renderer tasks have been active for a significant percentage of time.

If this value is high, you should determine if the bottleneck is caused by the Shader Processing or Texturing. Texture fetches and memory latency are the most common bottlenecks, followed by Shader Processing time. The ISP is rarely a bottleneck.