SPM active

What does this counter show?

This counter represents the percentage of Renderer taks which are due to SPM.

What does a high value mean?

A non-zero value indicates that some renders have sufficiently complex geometry to require the use of SPM to render correctly. In some cases this can reduce performance.

Scene can be reduced where possible:

  • by rendering indexed geometry (e.g. a quad should be 4 vertices and 6 indices, not 6 vertices)

  • by reducing the number of polygons rendered

  • by reducing the data required by varyings (data passed between the vertex and fragment shaders)

  • by sorting the triangles of static meshes

  • if complex parts of the scene can be rendered rarely or at a lower frame rate (e.g. a map or distance objects) scene complexity can be reduced by rendering these parts to a texture, then reusing this texture in many subsequent frames instead (also known as rendering impostors)