The PVRTune GUI captures and presents the real-time information sent by PVRPerfServer. It also provides a means of saving and loading PVRTUNE files for analysis.

UI Layout

The default analysis interface is displayed after a connection has been established or after a PVRTUNE file has been loaded. This is shown below.

The PVRTune GUI displays a large amount of information, split into the following sections:

  • Menu Bar (a): The section contains options related to file, edit, view, connection, and help.

  • Timeline Area (b): This section displays counter data as a function of time.

  • Counter Table Window (c): This section lists all the hardware and software counters that are in use.

  • Counter Properties Window (d): This section shows counter-specific information when a counter is selected from the Counter Table.

  • Find Window (e): This section allows searches for a variety of items, such as counters and markers.

  • Timelines Window (f): This section lists the various timelines available for viewing.

  • PID Window (g): This section displays the connections being used in the recording.

  • Monitor Window (h): This section displays various loads recorded by the utility.

  • Status Bar(i): This section provides general information related to the PVRTune application.