Installing PVRPerfServer

To use PVRPerfServer, it is first necessary to install PVRTune. Once PVRTune is installed, PVRPerfServer can be found within the PVRTune folder in the install directory: <InstallDIr>\PVRTuneDeveloper\PVRPerfServer<PLATFORM>\.

Note: From PowerVR Tools and SDK 2018 Release 2 onwards, it is possible for PVRTune to remote deploy PVRPerfServer to Linux and rooted Android target devices. This means installing, launching, and connecting to PVRPerfServer from the GUI, rather than needing to install an instance of PVRPerfServer on the device first. If using this functionality, many of the following instructions will not apply.

The next steps depend on what type of device you would like to install PVRPerfServer. In this guide there are specific instructions for Android, Linux, QNX, and Windows devices.