Overview of PVRPerfServer

PVRPerfServer is a console application for Android, Linux, QNX, and Windows. It reads counters and registers from the PowerVR hardware on a device.

PVRPerfServer also acts as an intermediary for applications that make use of certain PVRScope library functionality, such as PVRScopeComms, that require communication with PVRTune.


For PVRPerfServer to read hardware data correctly, the driver must have performance profiling enabled. In many cases, as the overhead is so small, this functionality is enabled by default.

This can be checked by confirming the existence of libPVRScopeServices.so, PVRScopeServices.dll, or an equivalent. If PVRPerfServer fails to initialise, it is possible that performance profiling support has been removed from the device drivers.

Also, on PowerVR Rogue hardware devices, PVRPerfServer is limited to supporting driver versions from branch 1.2 onwards.